Another FANTASTIC Mouse From Logitech - Logitech MX Master 2S Review

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Logitech MX Master 2S

★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)

  • Design
    • Comfortable grip for my large hands
    • Clean and understated look
  • Usability
    • Side wheel is great for spreadsheets
    • Infinity scroll continues to be one of my favorite features on a mouse and the "auto infinity scroll" on this mouse works wonderfully
    • Smooth movement and the tracking is solid
  • Wireless
    • Bluetooth and Unifying receiver options are nice to have
    • Love that you can have 3 different devices connected and can switch between them easily
    • Didn't get to test the battery life but if it lasts for as long as Logitech claims, that's pretty impressive

  • No hardware profiles
    • Upon boot the mouse goes to default settings until the software service starts
    • Requires the Logitech Options software to be running for DPI adjustments and other preferences to work

Other Thoughts
This is another fantastic mouse from Logitech. The only complaint I have is its reliance on software for features such as the DPI, mouse wheel auto infinity scroll and other customizations. Otherwise, it's very comfortable to hold and use and the wireless performance of the device is great so far. Highly recommended if you're looking for a great home or work mouse and don't plan to do heavy gaming with it.

Full Review
I've eyed up the MX Master series of mice from Logitech for quite a while now but I found that the price point was always a bit too high for my liking. Paying $80 for it was still a hard pill to swallow at first but I'm glad I decided to purchase this mouse. I purchased it so that I could experience it first hand and form my own opinion after seeing a bunch of praise from several Tech YouTubers. I can see why people really like this mouse.

It is very comfortable to use and is very feature rich. It has just the right amount of buttons with the ability to perform additional actions via Gestures. The button clicks are satisfying and the scrolling action is also satisfying. I like the fact that it has a mechanism built in that "releases" the scroll wheel to do infinite scrolling if you wheel it fast and clamps back down to do notched scrolling if you are slowly scrolling. They also provide a hardware button just like on their other mice to allow infinite scrolling to be constantly on. I also enjoy the side scroll wheel. I used the left and right "middle click" on my G502 to navigate spreadsheets a lot and this wheel makes doing that a lot easier.

The overall experience with this mouse is a pleasing one. I got up and running with it quickly and have come to like it's additional features over the past few days I've been using it. The price is still a bit hard to swallow but it is a "premium" mouse and that means it comes in at a "premium" price. I never utilized the "flow" software so I can't comment on that but I'm sure it's nice to have for the right person. If you can afford it and if you're looking for a great home/work mouse not really meant for heavy gaming, this one definitely has my recommendation.

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