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BAD GPS! Otherwise a Good Smartwatch from Samsung - Samsung Gear Sport Review

Check out this small gallery of unboxing images before we jump into the review. Rating ★★★☆ (3 out of 5) Pros Build/Design Metal and glass construction with some plastic 5 ATM water resistance Vibrant screen Rotating bezel still has a very satisfying tactile feel The blue color is nice on the watch itself and the band is eye catching Customization Tons of watch faces to choose from Widget customization App layout customization Fitness app Integrations Under Armour app suite integration is nice. This includes installing the apps directly on the device. Cons Battery Life With continuous HR enabled, about 60% of the battery was drained in 24 hours so it doesn't fare much better than the Gear Fit2 Pro did When the watch seems to not "sync" with my phone for a while the battery dies extremely quickly Sometimes an app somehow is continuing to run in the "background" and chews through battery like a mower cutting grass Functiona