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My FAVORITE Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard(s) Yet! - The Drevo Calibur

This Keyboard Rules! Update - 7/20/2017 I just received my second order today and immediately tested to see if the Bluetooth key problem is gone. Sure enough, it no longer happens! That takes one con off the list and now this keyboard has become my all time favorite! Here is a GIF of the new blue switch version I received . Original review date(s) - 7/7/2017 The words "wireless mechanical keyboard" are words I never thought could belong in the same sentence together without some kind of major catch.That is... until I heard about the Drevo Calibur. I have a small collection of mechanical keyboards that include, The Logitech G710 (Cherry MX Blue with o-rings), Logitech G710+ (Cherry Mx Brown with OEM o-rings), Logitech G410 (Romer-G), Tt eSPORTS Meka G-Unit Combat White (Cherry Mx Black with o-rings) and finally the Corsair K65 (Cherry Mx Red with o-rings). I had just recently fell in love with the 10-keyless form factor of keyboards and one of my friends had come acro

60% Mechanical Keyboard Thoughts - Obins, Anne Pro (Gateron, Brown Switch)

A Great Keyboard!... Just not the right one for me. Original Review Date - 07/10/2017 I've seen nothing but this keyboard over on  Reddit in /r/mechanicalkeyboards . So I caved and decided to try it out for myself. I can see why people really like this keyboard because it is a solid piece of equipment! It is built well, has a lot of cool features and is really compact. Just take a look at this comparison picture with what I would consider a compact keyboard (Drevo Calibur). Obins Anne Pro vs Drevo Calibur Here is where the bad news comes in and my first con for this keyboard... It is too compact and limiting. One of the first things I noticed is that I use the arrow keys and the keys above them (insert, home, end, etc...) far too frequently. I use them very often to navigate around windows and with various other programs. To have those buried under a FN key combo takes too much time and requires too much workflow adjustment for me. I own two Drevo Calibur keyboards (

Under Construction

Well... here's the first post for this blog, things are just now getting under construction but what I plan on using this for is mostly posting reviews of products I have used over the years. The primary focus will be on computer tech but there will be other items reviewed as well. So keep your eyes peeled for new posts coming soon with some good content to read through.