A CLEAN, SIMPLISTIC and FUNCTIONAL Keyboard - Logitech G610 Orion Brown Review

Here we go with another Keyboard review. Check out some pictures below before reading the rest!
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5)

  • Simple Design
    • It's a rectangle with all the keys you need
    • No "extra" keys (macro keys/gaming keys)
    • Media controls are well laid out and functional
  • Build Quality
      • The board itself is very solid 
      • Switches are great
      • Overall, the materials used are good
    • Adjustability
      • I like that there are two different height settings for adjusting the keyboard angle (4 degrees and 8 degrees)
    • Relatively quiet
      • Without o-rings installed, the typing experience is relatively quiet. Doesn't "clack" as much as some other keyboards.
    • Price
      • Paid $79.99

    • SOME Materials
      • Glossy plastic on the sides of the keyboard which is bound to get completely ruined 
      • Definitely not the most "robust" keycaps out there but that's to be expected at this price point
    • No wrist rest included
      • Not the end of the world but would have been nice to include one
    • No USB passthrough
      • Again… not the end of the world but would have been a nice addition

      Other Thoughts
      Solid basic Cherry MX Brown keyboard at a good price point. Works perfectly for my work setup with a Logitech MX Master 2s. The design is simplistic and not anything that I would consider to be "gamer-y". There are a lot of features and a decent amount of lighting options for the white LEDs. To access to those features you need Logitech's software and that's not really a con because Logitech's software has generally been quite good. Overall, very satisfied with this keyboard and it is what I would consider to be a worthy successor to the G710+.

      Full Review
      I like Logitech's products. I'm no stranger to their mice, keyboards and speakers as I have used or recommended several of them over the years. For my work setup, I had a G710+ paired with a G502 Proteus Core. Overall that setup worked great but the only complaint I had was that the G710+ is a touch too wide due to the "angular" design and macro key row on the left side. So I wanted to find another full size keyboard that was backlit, simplistic in design (as close to a regular old rectangle as possible) and would be comparable to my G710+. Enter the G610 Orion Brown.

      So far this keyboard is a perfect replacement for my G710+. The features, the typing experience, the build quality and the overall feel is reminiscent of my G710+. I like the slightly smaller footprint because I don't hit my mouse up against the right side of the keyboard quite as often. The keyboard itself has all of the same basic features as the other one (sans the macro row). Physical media controls are nice to have as well as dedicated buttons for Win-Key lock and lighting brightness.

      I've only had this for a few days but I was able to quickly and comfortable transition over from the G710+. I'll have to see how the keyboard holds up after a few years of use but I have a feeling it will hold up just fine like the G710+ did and continues to do. Overall, satisfied with this purchase and can definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a basic gaming/work keyboard with relatively simplistic features and backlighting for a reasonable price.

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