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LEAVING the "UltraWide Master Race" After Being a Member for 4 YEARS...

Reddit Crosspost TL;DR I love UltraWide displays, I love 21:9 and I love the experience it brings for gaming and media consumption. However, having restrictions imposed by developers and the general need for "tweaking" games to work has slowly turned me away. I no longer want a UltraWide as my primary gaming display. I may never end up switching back because I can achieve the same physical (not in game) FOV covering experience with a larger 16:9 panel. With that being said, I am excited to see what the future has to offer for the 21:9 community and I will always be a follower of the UltraWide Master Race . My First Ultrawide Story Time! I purchased my first UltraWide monitor about 4 years ago without really doing any research on the 21:9 format. I was browsing Newegg in search of an upgrade from my basic 24"