A Great HEAVY DUTY Monitor Arm/Mount for 43" 4K and Heavy Monitors! - VIVO STAND-V101H Review

Quick gallery of unboxing images and the stand arm/mount attached to my monitor before we hop into the review.


★★★★★ (5 out of 5)

  • Easy assembly
  • Good build quality
  • Securely holds 20+lb monitor (AOC U4308V) without issue
  • Included 200x100 VESA mount bracket is nice (for my use case especially!)
  • Easy adjustment of height, spring tension and monitor position
  • Built in cable routing

  • None

Other Thoughts
Full Review
I bought this arm/mount to replace a dual 32" (inch) monitor arm/mount I was using. I moved my secondary 32" (inch) monitor onto its included stand and I wanted something that would be tall enough and could handle the weight of a heavy 43" (inch) 4K monitor (the AOC U4380V). The monitor I wanted to mount supports 200x100 VESA so I liked that VIVO included an adapter in the box. With the included adapter, the overall price was comparable and in some cases cheaper than other options which required buying an adapter.

Assembling the monitor arm/mount was simple and so was mounting my monitor to the VESA bracket. Once I got the arm/mount secured to my desk and placed my monitor on the arm/mount, I was easily able to adjust the height of the arm/mount on the pole and adjust the tension until I found the right setting. After adjusting, I was happy to see that it had no problems supporting the 43" (inch) panel without issue. I was able to raise and lower it as needed and take full advantage of the monitor arm/mount even though VIVO only advertises it as supporting up to a 35" (inch) monitor. My setup may be "out of spec" for what they recommend but it works just fine for me.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this purchase because it works exactly as I hoped. It allows me to have much better adjustment for my monitor than the included stand and it frees up some desk space at the same time.

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