REANALYZED - Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Iron White (2012 Edition) - A DECENT Mouse With Random Issues

Here's the first of a new content series I'm trying out called REANALYZED. I came up with this idea after I noticed the modest "retired tech pile" I have. I either never fully reviewed or stopped using this tech so I decided to force myself to use it once again to figure out the reasons why. Most of this stuff I've had for a relatively long time (4+ years) and have just been holding onto it. Now it's time to figure out if it's still worth holding onto.

Anyway, kicking off this series, we're starting with a mouse that I've owned for over 4 years and used for about 1 year. Check out the gallery of images below.

Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Iron White (2012 Edition)

★★★☆ ☆ (3 out of 5)

  • Build quality
    • Aluminum frame gives it a weighty and solid feel
    • Plastics are decent quality
    • Braided cable is nice (albeit, a bit on the stiff side)
  • Satisfying buttons
    • The middle-click is one of the most satisfying middle-clicks I've experienced
    • Both the left and right clicks are great as well
    • All the other buttons are satisfying to click as well
  • Sensor
    • Feels very 1-1 with tracking
    • DPI adjustments are nice as well
    • Doesn't feel like there's much acceleration (if any)
  • Hardware profiles
    • DPI and button adjustments can be saved to the mouse
    • Don't necessarily need the software after the first initial configuration
  • Price
    • Paid $57.99 for it
  • Customization
    • DPI adjustment, lift-off distance adjustment, polling rate adjustment, macros, fully customizable button assignment, SOME lighting adjustment (color choice and choice of "sections" to light up)
    • SOME ergonomic adjustments available; I like that you can adjust the height and tilt of the mouse to better suit your grip and hand size

  • SOME Ergonomics
    • It's an oddly shaped mouse. Finding a comfortable holding position can be difficult at times
    • Wish the joystick was just a touch more stiff to move to avoid mis-clicks a bit more
    • Wish it had "tilt" clicks like some Logitech mice do to scroll left and right with the mouse wheel
  • SOME Software Issues
    • Gets the job done but definitely not the most well organized
  • SOME Customization Issues
    • Gives more options than some products but is pretty limited in what you can choose with those options
  • SOME Tracking Issues
    • Every once in a while, the mouse will refuse to navigate properly. It will be stuck navigating diagonally for whatever reason. Not sure if this is a driver or a hardware issue.

Other Thoughts
The tracking on this mouse is solid and the buttons are all very tactile and pleasant to use, especially the middle click. With that being said, the random tracking issues where the mouse only moves in a diagonal direction + the limited software make this a hard sell for today's day and age.

Full Review
I've had this mouse for over 4 years and have gone back and forth with utilizing it and keeping it in storage. I finally decided to document my experience to better understand why I don't continue utilizing this mouse on a regular basis.

The first major issue that comes to mind is the random "tracking issues" that come out of nowhere. Every once in a while the mouse will get stuck within windows and only be able to track diagonally for whatever reason. I don't know if this is a sensor issue, a communication issue or a driver issue but it is extremely frustrating to say the least. The second issue I have is the software. It is rather limited in what you can do with the mouse at least from a color customization standpoint. Otherwise the software contains a decent amount of customization for the buttons, DPI and other options on the mouse.

At this point, it seems like TT eSPORTS stopped "supporting" this mouse for the most part as well. There hasn't been a software update since about 2014 which is understandable since they have come out with "successors" to this mouse. I am surprised that the software works pretty well on Windows 10 but it is definitely limited in what it allows you to do with the mouse. There's enough customization built in but since the mouse is capable of RGB, I wish you could better color match and weren't limited to only selecting 1 of 7 colors.

As far as the overall usability goes, the ergonomics are probably the largest downfall for this mouse. It's "difficult" to say the least to find a comfortable grip for this mouse design. But once you can grip it, the mouse performs very well. The tracking is good (unless it's randomly breaking) and the buttons feel great. It's really a disappointment that the tracking breaks every once in a while and that the ergonomics aren't the greatest because I would easily use this mouse a lot more often if it didn't have those issues.

I hope the newer versions of this mouse have resolved those issues with their design and tracking because I may just consider picking up another one of these once I'm done with my trusty G502 Proteus Core and G502 Proteus Spectrum.

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