A SOLIDLY BUILT and easy to use monitor arm - Mount-It! Dual Monitor Mount Arm (MI-2762) Review

Before we hop into the review, check out this gallery of images showcasing the two setups I tested.
  • Setup 1 - One 24" (inch) panel and One 32" (inch) panel
  • Setup 2 - Two 32" (inch) panels.

★★★★★ (5 out of 5)

  • Solid construction
    • Very sturdy for its size
  • Tons of adjustability
    • Especially with smaller monitors
  • USB 3.0 passthrough
  • Officially supports 32" monitors
    • Only one at around this price point that I could find
  • Options for mounting (clamp and grommet)
  • Effortless setup and adjustments

  • Very minor complaints about the USB passthrough
    • Wish the USB 3.0 passthrough only had 1 cable rather than 2
    • Wish they weren't blue in color
    • Inserted USB devices (such as flash drives) are upside down
  • Potentially the price ($99)($119.99 MSRP)
    • $99 is a lot for a monitor stand but it feels high quality and does its job well
    • $99 was still cheaper than some of the other options out there though that officially support up to 32" (inch) panels
  • Cable management channels can be a bit of a pain to slip back on

Other Thoughts
Overall I am very satisfied with this product and do not regret spending the money on it. Any cons I could find are all very minor. This is a solidly built monitor arm with lots of compatibility and the USB pass-throughs are a nice touch.

I purchased this to mount Two 32"(inch) QHD (1440p) monitors on it but before going forth with that configuration, I tested it out with One 24" (inch) monitor and One 32" (inch) monitor. I came from a free standing vertical stand because I was interested in getting more things off of my desk top to allow for more space, plus I always liked the look and flexibility of the "floating displays" like this. I did have concern about putting two 32" panels on the fairly cheap vertical stand that I had purchased so I wanted something more robust.

The first thought I had when I received it was "Wow! This is a lot smaller than I thought it would be but it's heavy!" After a small amount of assembly, I clipped the monitor stand to my Ikea Bekant desk and both of my first set of monitors fit perfectly on the arms without any sort of issues. Setup, cable management and overall installation was a breeze. The cable management covers can sometimes be stubborn to get properly lined up after being removed but it's not a major issue.

The build quality, even with its relatively small looking size, definitely inspires confidence. I have no concerns with this stand handling the amount of weight currently put on it by these two displays. As soon as I had everything fully set up, I fell in love with it. I love having the "floating display" look to my desk and love just how effortless it is to adjust the monitors if I do feel like moving them around.

Once my second 32" (inch) panel arrived, I mounted it on this arm without any issue. The quick release of the VESA clips is definitely handy if I ever need to take off the monitors for one reason or another. The weight of both of these monitors doesn't affect the mount at all. I just had to tighten the spring tension a bit to adjust for the added weight.

I'm not really sure what else to comment about this aside from the fact that it works perfectly. It's a monitor arm that can handle 2 monitors up to 32" (inches), it's built very solidly and has some nice features. Overall I am very satisfied with this product and do not regret spending the money on it.

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